Online Offline Exam

Earlier Typing exam of Govt. of Maharashtra was conducted manually with the use of ‘Typewriter’. It consumes huge amount of papers & ink ribbons, which was created lots of garbage after the exam and was harmful for the environment. At the same time it was hectic & a time consuming process.

When Winners enter into this field, it changed the whole picture of the GCC-TBC Exam of Govt. of Maharashtra. It was a ‘Skin Changing Moment’. Winners introduce the Online Computer Typing Exam for the Govt. of Maharashtra instead of the Manual Exam. This exam becomes the environment friendly and leads the smoothness and comfortless in the exam process and saved a lot of time. This noticeable change generates happiness to lakhs of students, Govt. of Maharashtra and other stakeholders who are involved in the Typing Exam process as it minimized their operational burden.

We are providing E-typing Software & conducting the GCC-TBC Computer Typing Exam of the Govt. of Maharashtra for last 3 & half years and caters for more than 5 Lakhs Students with high level of accuracy and sets benchmark of excellent track record.

Software has built on state of the art technologies and caters automated exam process from Registration of the Student to Certification of the Examination. The system provides Objective & Subjective exam patterns which are built on Cloud Architecture for auto scale. The exam can conduct online and provides Centralized Dashboard facility, which can monitor the real time status of more than 1000 exam centers at a time. With the prime security features system prevents hacking & malfunctioning to provide authenticate data. The system has built-in resiliency to minimize the impact during the exam and should take care of students not to suffer from the problems beyond his/her control. The exam software supports for the multiple courses and languages. With the current English, Hindi and Indian regional languages for 30/40 word per minute exam, it also supports Special Skills Course of the Govt. of Maharashtra. Apart from the auto upload on cloud, System supports the Auto upload & Backup facility to take care of the exam data. This way we are making sure that none of the student gets affected.

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The exam process is divided & conducted in the following sub-process to more simplify the process and its smooth functioning.
  •   Pre Exam Process.
  •   During the Exam Process.
  •   Post Exam Process.
  •   Remuneration is given to the Participants who are involved to perform the task in the exam process.

This Exam performs with the help of following stakeholders:

  • Admin (Winner):

    The admin has right to declare the Exam he/she can perform activities likes Question Papers Generation, Questions Allocation.

    Governments Education / Skill Development / HRD Council / Department :

    Verifies institutes registration for examination and add as well as approve exam centers.

    Institute Owner:

    Registration of the Institutes as well as students can be done by the institute owner for the Computer Typing Examination.

    Examination Controller:

    Examination Controller has rights to add question papers for all sections and evaluates student’s answer sheets after the exam.

    Controller for Exam Center:

    Controller for every Exam Center verifies the student’s details then and then only then students can appear for the exam. Controller has rights to upload the answer sheets after the exam.


    The student can login through his/her credentials to appear for the exam. section by section which contains 5 sections- Objective, Email, Letter, Statement, Speed. He has to submit his answer sheet after every section by clicking on the submit button.