Election Strategy Management System

Election Strategy Management System is a multi-platform solution which helps in managing in election campaign strategy for a candidate.

Objective :
  • Helps in voter segmentation & target.
  • Built strategy as per different dynamics like age, area, issues etc.
  • Provide real time accurate information to take corrective actions as needed.
  • Identify instances of bogus voting.
Feature :

   Support Digital Campaign of India.

   Supports free & fair election process.

   Real time & online voting data.

   Bogus voting analyzer.

   Graphical view of favorable & non favorable voters.

   Voter details based on election commission.

   Data reports for voters age, voting status based on constituency.

   Strategical decision building based on age, area, issues etc.

   Report feature for changes in voters mobile, address or duplicate voting.

   Expires voter details.

Benefits :

   Reduce waste.

   Increase security.

   Reduce infrastructure.

   Reduce the need for print servers.

   Increase productivity.

   Reduce support calls.

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