WS-OnScreen Evaluation

With WS-OnScreen Evaluation, organizations can digitize pen & paper answer booklets & mark them on-screen to improve the marking quality, speed & accuracy. The scanned booklets are electronically distributed, enabling examiners to track, monitor, mark on-screen & include comments.

Objective :
  • To make Robust system for answer booklets checking.
  • To do Perfect evaluation of skill levels of student.
  • To automate the exam evaluation process.
  • To do Quick result process & declaration.
Features :

   Role-based login with authentication.

   Evaluate answer booklets digitally.

   Removes location constraint for examiners/moderators.

   Simplified evaluation process.

   Examiner/Moderator management.

   Scanning of answer booklets.

   Automatic mapping of answer booklets to examiners/moderators.

   Answer booklet review.

   Quick result processing.

Benefits :

   Secure & Reliable.

   Accurate marks calculation.

   Less human interference.

   In less time result declaration.

OnScreenEvaluation Image

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