Patient Management System

PMS is a web-based application which connects stakeholders like Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Pathology, X-Ray Labs, Blood Banks, Organ Banks, Dietician, Insurance and Medical equipment stores for patient, which caters state of the art speedy, 24X7 real-time patient medical status which minimize the time for diagnosis & treatment.

Objective :
  • The main objective is to develop a web based application which is user friendly, quick & cost effective.
  •   Design a better patient care.
Feature :

   Role based login with authentication.

   Smart Dashboard.

   Stakeholders record management.

   Upload prescriptions, diet plan etc.

   Book an appointment.

   Profile Details.

   Payment & SMS gateway.

   Smart Chat bots.

   Blood & Organ bank list.

   Sanitary & Medical evacuation.

   Current & Historical Reports.

Benefits :

   Emergency & Alerts.

   Estimated Bills.

   Paperless, digitised, integrated system.

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