School Mate

School Mate - WS is a tool that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules which greatly help the teachers, parents, and staff in maintaining student records, academic history and other essential student information.

Objective :
  • To automate the existing manual system with the help of niche technologies.
  • School Mate - WS leads to error-free, secure, reliable and quick management system.
  • To help organizations in better utilization of resources.
Features :

   Role-based login with authentication.

   Assignments, Exam & Results.

   Parent login to track school & student activities.

   Picture Gallery & Videos of events.

   Student Attendance.

   Events & Holidays.

   Notification & Circulars.

   Library Management.

   Timetable generation.

   Lunch Box menus.

   Timetable Payment & SMS gateways.

   Google Voice Support to apply leaves.

   Lost & Found.

Benefits :

   Cost-effective, one point solution for entire school management.

   Zero redundancy in managing the institution’s records.

   Creates a school’s tech-savvy image.

   Complete automation of all operations.

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