Managed Services

By its nature, staff augmentation or staff up-gradation represents higher labor costs. Contracting organizations must add overhead and margin to their labor costs and, while some of this can be avoided by contracting directly with individuals, this too entails higher administrative costs internally, as well as some inherent risks. When used as a long-term solution, the natural offset that staff augmentation provides for higher labor costs through the avoidance of hiring/de-hiring is lost. This leads to the smart solution as ‘Managed Services’.

If an organization is involved in a staff augmentation engagement, transitioning to a managed service (outsourcing) model can yield all of the benefits of flexibility and skill access it seeks, while overcoming the major disadvantages associated with staff augmentation described above. The managed services (outsourcing) model differs from staff augmentation in many ways.

By identifying the need for the modern era Winner come up with the smart solution in the ‘Managed Services’ business. We offer ‘Managed Services’ to the customer with the committed scope and term. This service helps Pricing tied to service levels and volumes where appropriate. We provide knowledge gain & sharing with the documentation. Our service also focused on a defined outcomes. We provide the supplier managed delivery model, processes and tools.

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