Secure Printing

We are dedicated to provide quality printing services to the Education Sector. We understand that what we do has a bigger impact in the success and advancement of the education sector than just putting ink on paper. The printing services we deliver and distribute directly reflect the values and goals of the education sector.

Objective :
  • To help eliminate duplicity of mark sheets and enable easy verification by various authorities.
  • The student-friendly measure, aimed at making the statement of marks more secure & difficult to duplicate.
  • Also hasten the validation and verification processes.
Feature :

   Crypto Mark allow embedding of visual information.

   Microprint visible only in magnifying glass.

   Optical watermark to reveal unauthorized attempts of duplication.

   Watermark to identify photocopied document.

   Cost saving due to conventional laser printers.

   Document is free from tell - tale signs of photocopy.

   Predefined size of document.

   Hologram authentication.

Benefits :

   Reduce waste.

   Increase security.

   Reduce infrastructure.

   Reduce the need for print servers.

   Increase productivity.

   Reduce support calls.

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