Grievance Management System

WS-GMS is an android based application that aims to provide the citizens with a platform to redress their complaints or grievances. A citizen can lodge the grievance online via mobile app from anywhere at anytime. With automated workflow grievance will route through all the stakeholders for immediate redress.

Objective :
  • To provide the platform for citizens to lodge the complaints or grievances.
  • To do Effective monitoring & tracking of grievances. Every individual progress status related to grievances.
  • To make Improved complaint redress mechanism irrespective of location.
  • To keep Transparency at every stage of grievances.
  • To Enable citizens to keep track of complaints or grievances online.
  • To make it Paperless, Secure & hassle-free.
  • To Empower Citizen.
Feature :

   Submission of complaints or grievances by Citizens from anywhere at anytime.

   Unique token number generation for every registered complaint or grievance.

   Automatic online data transmission between Citizen and MNS.

   Enhances speed & effective redress of grievances.

   Multilingual Support – English & Marathi.

   Monitoring Dashboard to track the Solved & Pending complaints.

   Tracking mechanism for the assigned complaints.

   The clarity in procedures.

   Quick resolution of complaints.

Benefits :

   Fair and speedy means of grievance system.

   Paperless and Hassle-free.

   The clarity in procedures and time frames adopted.

   Alerts users immediately on the grievance, take actions, etc.

   Saves the time of affected person and cell members.

   Automates entire grievance procedure right from its registration to closure.

   Greater confidentiality and transparency in complaints dealing procedure.

   Streamlined and systematic grievance reporting.

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