Winner Software Pvt. Ltd. located in India (the IT capital of the world) & years of experience gives it the advantage of being able to provide better services with expertise at a significantly lower cost.

What Winner Offers:

Winner Software offers not only on lower prices but also essentially on better quality of services. Grounded firmly on the foundations of trust, teamwork & technology, Winner has been providing IT consulting and software development services to companies & individuals from the US, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Australia from our development center in India.


We combine world-class technology with infrastructure, focusing on security and scalability to take your business to the next level. Our premises can accommodate a large number of employees and are equipped with the latest amenities like global connectivity to remote users and video conferencing. Besides, we have dedicated units for different technologies such as Mobile Application Development for Android, iPhone, Designing, QA/Testing, and other support departments.

  •   A team of expert engineers, developers & designers delivering quality results.
  •   We have dedicated teams & Project Managers for accountability.
  •   Customized long and short-term engagement models to suit every client.
  •   24 hours high-speed internet leased lines.
  •   Multilingual web development services in French, German, Spanish, and Dutch, etc.
  •   Voice, data, e-mail enabled customer support.
  •   Assured commitment to secrecy by signing a NDA (we do not disclose our client list).
  •   We offer Reliability and better quality.
  •   Competitive Prices (over 60-70% savings on development charges).
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Why Winner should be your outsourcing partner:

  • Partners in Success:

    Winner will work with you as your outsourcing partner, providing solutions, which enable the use of outside resources, to accomplish your strategic goals in growth & cost control.


    Winner understands that as a partner your growth will also make us grow. We work on the philosophy of total commitment and dedication towards our work. We are true to our work & the efforts we put in, as we realize the fact that 'word of mouth' is the biggest source of publicity and the only mantra for prosperity.

    Beyond just solutions:

    Winner works as a partner, offering best-fit solutions that address your needs, based on constant vigilance and trend analysis of the internet environment.

    Core Competence:

    Winner is known for delivering exceptional quality award-winning work at competitive prices, thereby we are specialists in the business of web.

    Financial Benefits:

    Winner offers state of the art web design and software development services at a significantly lower cost than you pay for web development in your local market. You can charge your clients as per your market rates & in turn develop your sites from us at low prices without your clients ever knowing about it and generating higher profits for yourself.

Who can Outsource Work / Projects to Winner:

  •   Small, medium-sized firms & companies based in developed countries.
  •   Individual developers based especially in North America, Europe, Australia & elsewhere.
  •   Companies looking for professional quality services, at lower prices.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with our partners facilitating the creation of timely, tailored, integrated solutions that grow with the client's business.