WS-Online/Offline Exam

WS-Online/Offline Exam is an automated system, which automates all manual processes involved in typing, subjective & objective pattern, leveraging the latest cutting edge technologies.

Objective :
  • To make Robust world-class Online/Offline Exam software to move towards the paperless exam.
  • To do Perfect evaluation of skill levels of student.
  • To make Seamless collaboration of all stakeholders.
Features :

   Role-based login with authentication and authorization.

   Multilingual & Multiple courses.

   Subjective & Objective exam patterns build on cloud architecture to auto-scale.

   In-built security to avoid tampering and malpractices.

   Centralized dashboard to monitor real-time status of more than 500 centers.

   Shuffled question paper sets.

   Automatic answers verification & marking system.

   Resume exam and autosave.

   Auto & Manual upload backup.

   Smart Chatbots.

Benefits :

   Paperless exam.

   Reduces manual intervention which results in reduced manpower and cost.

   Accuracy of result & speed of execution.

   Secure & Hassle-free.

Online-Offline Image