E-Learning is a technology mediated learning either from a distance or in physical classroom setting (software assisted learning). It is a learning process created by interaction with digitally delivered content, services & support. E-Learning systems address the issue of educational e-content reusability throughout the concept of learning objects.

E-Learning product is developed to help the students to learn in a digital way to ease the burden of studies and score more marks. It is an innovative educational model with digital content for the students of Maharashtra State Board’s 1st to 10th standards for all subjects, available in English, Marathi, Semi English and Hindi medium as per the syllabus.

Every day the stress & difficulties are arising in education sector. To tackle the same, we have tranform the black & white textbook into audio-video animated content explaining each chapter in detail which will help students to learn in a better and effective way.

Objective :
  • Ability to engaged in delivering effective & motivational training.
  • Offer centralized source of learning to multiple users.
  • Distance learning ability.
  • Leverage cutting edge technology to support a wide range of educational activities.
  • Enhance performance through tracking and reporting tools.
  • To make information and technology available anywhere, anytime.
Features :

   Speed up user training.

   Maximizing knowledge Retention.

   Increases Productivity.

   Better Collaboration.

   Quick User Integration.

Benefits :

   Saves time and money.

   lead to better retention.

   Consistent & offers access to updated content.

   Self-paced, cost Effective & customizable.

   Anywhere, anytime training & learning.

   Scalable & easily manageable.

   Quick Delivery of Lessons.

   Accessible support from experts.

   Immediate feedback and recognition.