School Management System

In earlier day office system involved lots of papers, different physical files and filing of papers in the multi departmental files. It needs lots of space, furniture & manpower. It is also time consuming and hectic. To keep the track of records in physics papers is a difficult task.

It also leads suffering losses to business, if there is any important file or paper is missing or damaged. A lot of time wastage to find these physical papers increases the losses of the business and much more productive time. The security or confidentiality is affected due to physical data. Also keeping such physical data is quite challenging. To manage & maintained physical data is more complicated. To keep this physical data involved costly infrastructure. It also reduces the efficiency of the employees. Decision making makes it difficult.

To overcome the above problem Winner come up with solution ‘Office Automation System’ which is the needs of the current modern time, system which are more efficient, secure and effective than the traditional one and required in place in the current competitive business world. Using our software, it leads to create a paperless office. Business can benefit in specific and measurable ways to increase the saving in productive time, space & money which ultimately increases profitability of the business. It also allows management to take the important decision quickly and in the right direction.

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Office Automation System’ offers the following features to speed up the office work:

  • Secure & Proper Storage of the Important data:

    A file of the important data can be saved in its native format, synced across multiple programs, exported, uploaded and downloaded instantly.

    Flexibility by Scanning Facility:

    The system offer the flexibility for to convert the existing physical papers in to the digitized format instantly by scanning it & make it available in the automate system.

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) facility to converts the character into the text format:

    When a document has scanned which convert the document in the text format. It can be run through the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, which allows us to search any word of the document in the text format.

    Strong Searching facility to quick availability of the file:

    In the traditional system searching the file is the largest time consuming activities around the office. Our software gives the power to search any file within fraction of a second. It allows us to search option by name, by word, by no., by indexing key words.

    Automatic & Manual Backup facility to safeguard the confidential & important data from the Sudden Disaster:

    The system offers the option of automatic & manual backup facility. The benefit from the frequent backup facility helps to keep your confidential & important data more secure and save the business from the great loss from the natural calamities or sudden disaster.

    Online and Real Time System:

    Our ‘Office Automation System’ is online and real time basis. It leads the data available on an immediate basis without any delay to the management to take any decision.

    Encrypted file saves confidential data from the unwanted miss use:

    System stores data and files in the encrypted format, so the file will not be easily understandable or miss use from the unwanted person.

    Role Based Security:

    An Important feature of the system is the Role Based Security, which applies to every level, profile, documents and system. This is to ensure that only relevant and authorized person have access to the related data or confidential files.