Dispensary Management System

Dispensary Management involved many functional systems which are distributed in the multiple departments, sub-systems and sub-process and depends on each other for various types of data information, authentication and reports to take further actions. These departments also located at multi buildings & locations. So the manual system is quite hectic, complex, which involves more manpower, time consuming to operate manually and also increases the chances of life risk for the patient just not the availability of important data information on time. The system creates risks when there are urgent needs of some data information & reports of the patient to decide the line of treatment and to take a course of action on an immediate basis to save the life of the patient.

Considering the large no. of patient’s data, to maintain history of the patient, manpower involved to operate, multi locations & department’s involvement, the treatment suggested & prescriptions provided for the patients, the payment records of the patient, ‘Winner Software’ understands the need of an hour to ring the bell to automate & integration of these subsystems together, is functioning, minimize patient risk and step forward for real time important data.

We developed ‘Dispensary Management System’ with the keeping goal in mind to provide paperless, digitized, integrated systems to make available real time important data of the patient minimize the threats of his/her life due to delay data. The system provides excellent Role Based secure data at every level of user-system interaction. System provides Patient's data, Treatment provided to the Patient, Prescription Suggested and also Generates the Periodic Reports, Diet Plan, Pathological Test Reports, Diagnosis Reports, Patient notifications & reminders for appointment and medicines through sending SMS. The System also provides Dispensary Staff Management of doctors, nurse & staff allocation ward wise and shift wise. The system maintains and provides accurate details of In-Patients & Out-Patients.

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Our ‘Dispensary Management System’ offers following modules to ease the burden of the Dispensary, Doctors, Staff and Patients. :
  •   Patient Management System
  •   Staff Management System
  •   Pharmacy Management System
  •   Billing Management System

The Dispensary Management System has divided into the following sub-systems:

  • Out-Patient Management System:

    This system includes the detail required information of the Out-Patient. The information like Out-Patient Registration details, Consulting Doctor details, Diagnosis details, Treatment details, Prescription details will be maintained.

    Staff Record Management System:

    In this sub-system doctor medical staff, non-medical staff records are maintained.

    Medicine Records Management System:

    In this sub-system medicine records are maintained.

    Billing Records Management System:

    In this sub-system Bill for In-Patient and Out-Patient are generated. It also includes payment details of the Patient.